Woods @ Shamshabad

Woods @ Shamshabad is a desirable luxury community that is the first of its kind in India and truly stands out from the ordinary. The entire community is inspired by and part of the natural beauty surrounding it. It is a complete ecosystem in itself, with mature forests, a self-sustaining water reservoir, shaded walkways and paths for walking or cycling, and private drives for each home, along with a host of other conveniences. In this community, your senses will be infused with the sounds, smells, and feel of nature.

Magnificent plots complement the privacy, harmony, and luxury that we seek, situated perfectly for the best of both serene privacy and urban convenience. 76 exclusive properties are set amidst 150 different species of trees local to the area in your own self-sustaining micro forest, with paths to provide safe routes for wildlife separate from cars, bicycles, and residents out for a walk.

The ideal location for an entrepreneur or tech worker in Hyderabad, this 42-acre community features natural beauty without the bustle and congestion, while still being less than a half hour from the hub. In the Woods, a palpable sense of calm prevails in your unique and contemporary luxury home with a distinct personality. There’s no better place for quality time with your family, to have fun with friends, or to unwind and transport yourself to tranquility than this serene setting offering this desirable quality of life.


  • Serene living & sense of calm
  • In sync with nature
  • Complete, self-sustaining ecosystem
  • Inspired by surrounding natural beauty
  • Privacy, harmony, and luxury
  • Unique and desirable luxury community


Woods @ Shamshabad is an idyllic haven brimming with life and freshness. The environment-friendly design of this community is the first of its kind in India and lets you open your mind, heart and soul to the beauty of nature.

Poised 553 metres above the valley floor amid a natural forest of local species of trees, the land has been specifically engineered to collect and nourish the forest, while diverting moisture from the homes. There is a natural slope towards the northwest corner of the community, which acts as a collection point for rainwater, feeding the reservoir.

The road is constructed from naturally available laterite soil, local granite stone, complementing the forest around it. These materials are natural to the environment and provide a solid foundation, and will not erode or give way to the elements. Each property has its own private and secure entrance via a bridge which separates the water and wildlife from the road and provides safe passage for all. Home owners have the freedom to design their dream home, using natural and local materials and taking advantage of the surrounding elements.


In the Woods, you will experience luxury living with an abundance of privacy and nature. Among mature forests, the community has shaded walkways and paths for walking and cycling and private drives. All of this is built around a forest designed based on the Miyawaki Method.

The Miyawaki Method is a concept for sustainable forestation in urban areas, allowing us to enjoy living in nature while also reinvesting in the environment. By design, the forest is self-sustaining ecosystem and does not require maintenance. It also has positive impacts on the environment, including improved air quality, reduced chances of flooding, increased biodiversity, and a serene and calm environment. All of your senses will delight in nature, with gentle sounds of wildlife, fragrant forest scents, and the delicate fresh air on your skin.

Applying the Miyawaki Method means residents enjoy a gorgeous forest while also contributing to ecosystem restoration. This forestation concept has been applied around the world, from Japan to Brazil, and is a wonderful adaptation for our space in India. Home owners will incorporate natural materials like wood and stone into their homes and design, and the community features sustainable additions like solar panels and the self-sustaining water reservoir. Nature's influence has been included in many unique ways in this community.

  • Reduces and moderates temperature by 3 degrees C
  • Absorbs a minimum of 15% of air pollution and dust
  • Blocks and reduces noise by 10 decibels
  • Increases biodiversity by a factor of 18
  • Produces oxygen equivalent to 30 villages
  • Reduces carbon footprint, with entire community built with local materials


Our feature Villa @ woods is a fusion of traditional south Indian architecture, adopting the latest technological advancements. The functional spaces are planned around multiple courtyards with a landscape of woods as the backdrop. The verandas and living rooms are designed in a way, where you can experience the openness and yet have the privacy you desire.

The material pallet was carefully chosen to make it an eco friendly home. The soil from the site along with other natural resources have been repurposed to build this retreat in the woods. Every modern convenience has been considered in building your dream villa @ the woods.

Properties in the Woods community are in perfect harmony with the beautiful nature surrounding them. In this 42-acre urban park, residents feel grounded, safe, and at ease - at home and in nature. Homeowners will use materials that create a cohesive whole in harmony with the surroundings and luxurious living. Your spacious rooms may open to private gardens and forests, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee after your meal and savour the outdoors. There truly is no better place to have a great time with friends, unwind or transport yourself to tranquility. This is an idyllic haven brimming with life and freshness where the environment friendly design lets you open your mind, heart, and soul to the beauty of nature.


Our property will boast a state of the art club with amenities and modern conveniences that satisfy your every social, wellness, and business needs. The club will include a banquet hall, guest suites, organic cafe, barbeque area, and a business lounge. The wellness area will feature a spa, gym, an infinity pool, indoor games area, and a yoga pavilion allowing you the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. An open air theatre and art exhibition gallery will be sure to satisfy the artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Situated on the north west corner of the property, the club floats on top of the stormwater pond. It is a superstructure that overlooks into the forest through the surrounding glass façade. The architectural design is a seamless extension of lawns, extending into the woods. The substructure opens into the underwater ecosystem. As you enter the club from the roads surrounded by forest, you will feel the vast meadows with exotic plantations and urban landscape.

  • Reduces and moderates temperature by 3 degrees C
  • Absorbs a minimum of 15% of air pollution and dust
  • Blocks and reduces noise by 10 decibels
  • Increases biodiversity by a factor of 18
  • Produces oxygen equivalent to 30 villages
  • Reduces carbon footprint, with entire community built with local materials


Woods @ shamshabad is conveniently located with access to key landmarks within the city.

  • A : WOODS Site
  • B : 12 KM to Airport
  • C : 18 KM to Rajendranagar
  • D : 21 KM to Falaknama Palace
  • E : 25 KM to Kokaket (Financial District)
  • F : 25 KM to Gandipet
  • G : 25 KM to Chilkoor Balaji Temple
  • H : 25 KM to Hyderabad
  • I : 30 KM to Banjara Hills
  • J : 35 KM to Madhapur
  • K : 35 KM to Secunderabad